Delizia is a European concept bakery founded in 2014 to bring the authentic taste of European home baking to Karachi. In a span of two years, Delizia has opened several outlets across the city.Our cakes, cupcakes and brownies owe their unique look and exceptional flavor to top quality raw ingredients, our baking expertise, and a passionate team of people who love to live their lives by the oven. At Delizia we serve you with premium quality baked goods made with love using carefully sourced ingredients, blended in our special recipes that keep us just ‘That’ step ahead of the rest.


German Fudge


Lemon Cheese

 1,200 2,200

Red Velvet Cake

 1,200 2,500

Dairy Milk



Salted Caramel


Red Velvet


Ferrero Rocher


Lite Coffee



Exclusive Desserts